Quality Roof Repair?

Roofing repairWe have a very special guest writer today who is very knowledgeable about everything roofing and repairs.  So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Matt Benjamin from Modesto Roof Repair

Matt Bejamin speaking:

Hey everyone! First off, I want to say thanks to the team at Solovj.com for giving me the opportunity to write this for all their avid fans. Today I am going to give you a little bit of insight into the world of roofing and roof repair. While it may seem pretty straight-forward, there’s actually a lot of technical aspects that go into these jobs. They’re not always as easy as they seem and a lot of people underestimate the amount of time, money and expertise that are needed in order to get a simple (or what may seem simple) roof repair done.

According to Home Advisor, the average reported cost to fix a roof was around $671. Seems pretty inexpensive, right? Well, what a lot of people don’t understand is that the average is for very straightforward fixes. Things that involve a lot more diagnostic time and repair are going to cost a lot more. But first, let’s look at some of the reasons for needing roof repair in the first palce:

Missing Shingles. Ah, good ol’ missing shingles. Whether the wind blew them away or they cracked, they’re going to need to be replaced. Lighter material is obviously easier to deteriorate over time than heavier ones, but even heavy shingles can begin to peel and even blow away over time. When this happens, the material of fabric which sits underneath these shingles is exposed to the elements and if not fixed quickly can cause major problems!

For those of you who may live in an area where there is heavy freezing, things such as ice dams can form on your roof. Ice dams is snow that has melted and freezes on your roof. When this happens, it forms areas on the roof that don’t allow other runoff to drain into your gutters and can cause leaks and other issues later on.

There are vent pipes that sit below your roofing material. When this do not have a good seal, they begin to corrode and the pipe flashing and sealant then begin to allow water to seep into areas and into the home.

How to find a leak?

It’s not always easy to find a leak in your roof from within your home. Sometimes, the origin of the leak may be somewhere you can’t necessarily see (like up in your attic) and the water is simply making its’ way down the roof and into a certain area of your home. When this happens, it is best to call a roofing company out right away to get it diagnosed and repaired. If left untreated, damage to the interior and wood can begin to form.

Sometimes you may think that you have a leaky roof, but in reality it is simply the flashing that is around your vent pipes or chimney. Even your gutters can cause leaks when they are not properly maintained and cleared of debris. It’s going to cost a little bit of money on labor, but it will be well worth it come winter when you may be receiving lots of rain and snow.

Quick tip on finding a leaky roof:

Remember that water always runs down. As I said before, the leak is probably not where you think it is, so start in your attic and look for any mold that can be at the very top pitch of your roof.

Hopefully this quick post has helped you understand a little bit more about roof repair and given you some tips that you can use next time you may run into your own little leak. While it’s always great to take a look and see if it can be a quick fix, you should remember to always call a roof repair company for anything that looks to be a major problem!

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We look forward to hearing from you all soon!

-The SoloVJ.com team

6 Ways To Find a Towing Company

While driving along the road, you suddenly bump in to something which caused you to have a mild accident. This situation might have happened to you in the past, or it can happen in the future. In your daily endeavor as a driver, you might encounter some unfortunate circumstances along the way. You might get a flat tire, run out of gas, or any other minor accidents. Whatever the circumstances may be, you must be ready and ensured that a good towing company will be right there to save you.

You might not always bump into a car accident, but it would really be handy if you have a reliable towing company to contact in case of emergency. There are a lot of towing companies out there, but it would be a good move to choose the best before running in to trouble along the road. Here, we will provide you with some tips on how to find a towing company.

1. Ask Your Insurance Agent

The first person you might want to ask on how to find a Modesto towing company is your car insurance agent. Your insurance agent deals with towing companies frequently, which makes him the best and the first person you should ask regarding towing companies. Another advantage of asking your insurance agent is to cheapen your expenses. In this case, your insurance agent would definitely want to lower your expenses, especially if the towing of your car is covered in your insurance. This means that they will be more motivated to help you get the most affordable yet reliable towing company.

2. Do Your Research

Doing your research about the towing companies will also be a good step in finding one. Most towing companies now have their own websites. You can do your research easily by browsing through the internet and visiting the websites of the towing companies. This will not only help you in comparing service rates, but it will also give you more information about the credentials of the towing company.

3. Get Recommendations

Your friends and relatives might be your nearest information source when it comes to getting recommendations (or violent reactions) on how to find a towing company. Ask around your friends or relatives who have already used a towing service. Chances are they will give you different recommendations, but it might help you which one will be your choice. You can also check on the recommendations of other towing company customers online.

4. Check The Range

If you drive very long distances most of the time, you would definitely need to consider the effective range of a towing company which will influence the response time of the to trucks. You would not want to be stuck in the middle of the road for a long time, so you need to choose a really efficient towing company.

5. Look for 24/7 Service

You are not sure when you will encounter an accident, but you need to be sure that the towing company will come and pick you up whenever it happens. 24/7 service is fairly common, so you shouldn’t settle for a company that frequently has days without coverage. Ideally, you want a service that only takes a few select holidays off throughout the year. If you get very lucky, you might even get a good deal with a service that is open absolutely every hour of every day of the year.

6. Roadside Support

There are some towing companies that offer roadside support, aside from just towing your vehicle. Roadside support service may include jump-starting your car, diagnosing and repairing the problem that caused your car to breakdown, changing a flat tire, providing a small amount of fuel when your car runs out of it, pulling out a vehicle that is stuck in snow, or helping people who are locked out of their cars. If you can find a towing company that offers roadside support, that might be better choice.

Getting a towing company is not something we prepare for. Most car owners only look for towing companies when emergency arises, but this should not be the case. It would help a lot if you have a predetermined towing company before any road emergency happens.

Now that you know how to find a towing company, never ever find yourself stuck in the side of the road again.

Tree Service Companies: Did You Prune Your Trees?

Most homes and businesses should remember to prune their trees before the winter time hits, but we know this is not the case. Most trees suffer damage in the winter time (if not managed ahead of time) and that only leads to more problems during the summer. As the wind takes a beating on the roots and overhanging branches, the whole tree becomes fragile and brittle. As soon as that happens, you have more potential for falling branches onto cars, homes and, God forbid, people!

Warren from Modesto Tree Service says that a lot of their jobs come in right before the winter time storms hit, but many people underestimate their trees come summer time.

Warren states:

“Many people don’t think about the summer time as being a prime time for tree problems, but it is! We have countless customers who call and say that the branch that has been hanging on for dear life all winter finally fell and they need it cleaned up along with the rest of the tree. I recommend all people really think about bringing in expert and professional tree service companies to get your trees taken care of. Preferably this needs to happen before winter, but don’t wait until it’s too late.”

At SoloVJ.com, we’d have to agree. Tree service companies are plentiful in the Central Valley and there are quite a few good ones to choose from. Make sure to do your due diligence and understand your exact needs before calling and requesting quotes. They should obviously be licensed and insured before performing ANY work on your property.

Many companies also offer other services which can help you such as tree removal, stump grinding and being able to diagnose any diseases your tree may have. Ask them about these services when you’re on the phone and determine if what they offer is right for you.

Thanks to STIHL USA for this top 10 list of questions to ask any tree service company before hiring them:

1. Will the company’s crew be wearing any protective equipment when servicing trees? OSHA requires all tree service companies to mandate their employees wear protective equipment when working any tree care services.

2. Do any of their services promote “topping” of trees? This is a very unsafe practice for trees and if they’re offering this then be warned – keep looking elsewhere!

3. Are spikes used to climb the trees? If the company you are bringing in is only trimming the trees, then request that spikes not be used while climbing the tree. This can cause unnecessary damage and wounds to the tree.

4. Does the company look reputable? Does the company own a website and have a professional appearance? Do they wear uniforms and are their trucks in good condition? Paying attention to these small facets can help you determine how their business is ran and whether it fits in with what you are looking for.

5. How long is the job going to take? Getting a rough estimate from different companies is always your best bet. There may be a company that gives you a time frame of one day, while another tells you it’s going to take a week. Being able to get a general idea will give you better decision making power when it comes time to booking the company for the job.

6. What equipment do they use? Don’t feel bad about asking what equipment they use and what their game plan is for your trees. As the customer, understanding exactly how things are going to progress is key in knowing if the job was done right. If the company is hesitant to include you in on this, be weary and meet with another.

7. Are they providing an in-depth estimate? Make sure to get quotes from a couple different companies and compare things like options offered and price.

8. Can they offer you a list of prior customers? Any company  who does good work should have no problems giving you a list of satisfied customers they have done work for before. Give a few people on this list a call and ask about their experiences with the company you are considering.

9. What certificates and credentials do they hold? Preferably, try to find an arborist who is certified by the TCIA or ISA.

10. Can they give you a copy of proof of insurance? Make sure the tree service company you are considering is fully licensed and insured so that you are not held responsible for any property damage or employee injury while they are on the job.

Hopefully this list has given you a few things to ask about if you in need of a tree service company for your home or business!

And we’ll leave you with an amazing video of some amazing tree service work:



Pest Control Business: Recurring Income Example

There’s no surprise pest control is a multi-billionaire dollar industry. Who wants rodents, bugs, insects and furry things running around their home or business? Not me, that’s for sure; and many others agree. I have to tip my hat and salute all the Modesto pest control companies who handle eliminating these guys on a daily basis. Without them, I’m not sure how many of us would survive!

But, let’s get down to the grim and grime of the pest control business. It’s surely not an easy thing to get into and takes a bit of start-up capital for trucks, solutions and other miscellaneous things. Though, when done right, it can be highly profitable and easily successful if you’re in a smaller market with not a lot of players in the game.

Why Pest Control Rocks As a Business

This might seem easy to figure out, but let me tell you one facet of the pest control business many of you probably don’t think about:

It’s called recurring income. See, pest control companies are able to boast one of the best ways to make predictable and sustainable income. These pests aren’t going anywhere and over time they can come back which means customers are looking for an ongoing service (most of the time). For pest control businesses, this means you can bill these customers every single month and reap the benefits for as long as they’re a customer! How awesome is that?

A service based business with recurring income also means you’re able to spend more time making sure your current customers are 100% satisfied, while also spending less time worrying about having to find new leads every single month to keep the business above water. Seems simple, right? Make sure your customers are beyond satisfied and you’ll be able to keep them around for quite a long time if you can work on your retention rates and keeping them stable.

Lastly, as I’ve said before: bringing in new customers every month creates a predictable income. If you can scale this high enough, it allows you to more easily transition out of the daily work of the business, outsource it to a reliable employee and really just work on building the business with new leads. More leads every month turn into customers which stack on top of your already existing client base. This then gives you freedom to grow the business to the size you want!

Get Out There

If you’re at all interested in starting a pest control business – I say get out there! Markets are hungry for this and even though it may be a bit competitive, just find your advantage and run with it! Outwork and outsmart your competition while blowing away your customers and you’ll have a winning formula for pest control company success!

If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock…

if inspiration doesn't knock, build a door

I’ve learned over the years that you have to hustle. Ya’ gotta get out there and get things done. Guys, business is business and opportunity is not going to come looking for you. Instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting, get out there and create it for yourself. There’s no reason you can’t be out there outbidding and winning over your competition. Eat, sleep and breathe your business every single day. Keep pushing forward and watch the amazing opportunities that will come your way.

So, I want to hear from you. What do you think? How did opportunity come into your life and business and change it for the better? Leave a comment below!

3 Reasons To Hire a Moving Company for Your Next Move!

So you’re looking to move from (or into) the Modesto area, but you’re not sure where to start? First, you need to find the best movers in Modesto CA. Now that you’ve found a reliable and reputable moving company, it’s time for 7 reasons you need to hire them over choosing to do the move yourself:

#1. Let’s be honest – moving is hard!

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Moving is not easy and the fact that most people work 40 to 60 hours a week makes it even more difficult. If you’re moving a house, at best, you are looking at a 2 or 3 week moving ordeal. Factor in your job and this is going to take even longer when you consider the prep work needed to move even a small house with two to three bedrooms.

#2. Professionals can speed up the process

Pro moving companies know exactly what to do and how to do it. This will quickly shortcut the time spent having to figure this stuff out on your own. They bring the right equipment and strength to knock out your moving job in a flash. If the moving company is associated with CMSA , you can rest assured they know exactly how to handle your job in the most efficient way possible.

#3. Truck rentals are going to eat into your savings

So many people think that moving on their own is more cost effective, but when you really sit down and add everything up it doesn’t make sense. Factor in your time, materials, costs for renting trucks and food for any family and friends and you may find that you’re paying more to move yourself.

Hopefully you can see why it is beneficial to consider hiring an experienced and known moving company in the Modesto area. Save yourself the headache and call one today!