Micro Documentary Film Making Revolution

Micro Documentary Film Making Revolution

What is the Micro Documentary Film Making Revolution?

A single person with a single vision married to inexpensive, lightweight technology. Once this meant a director, a writer and a pencil, a painter with a brush and canvas. Now it means a documentary shooter with a video camera and laptop computer producing compelling content for distribution across multiple platforms.

Working as a Self Contained Documentary Production Company is an entirely new paradigm for independent television and video production for an entirely new world of video content on demand: broadcast, cable, broadband, wireless, cellphone and beyond.

As a one person “jack of all trades and master of many”, what self contained micro documentary film makers do fulfills all aspects from shooting with small format HD cameras, producing and shooting all projects and editing on a laptop in the field or on a full editing suite back at the office.

There are no additional cameramen, soundmen or producers, no on air ‘talent’.  This style of shooting produces a more realistic look and feel to the subject matter.

This philosophy, this paradigm, has created a wave of supporters – and detractors.  It doesn’t matter.  The paradigm shift is occurring in the creation of news and documentary content.  SoloVJ.com targets like minded shooters working in newspaper, documentary film projects and more.  The convergence of compact high quality equipment, video content distribution via the web, affordable video editing applications, and combining all of this with resources for training is creating a new generation of video content creators that are pushing the envelope for documentary content being created in unique ways.

Welcome to the new paradigm of self contained micro documentary film making for the 21st century.

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