Photography for Tree Service Companies

Photography for Tree Service Companies

I’ve recently been doing a lot of shooting for local businesses who are looking for high quality photography and video to incorporate into their websites and online marketing. While this hasn’t been a huge area of focus for me, it has been something that I’ve been trying to grow for the past 8 to 9 months.

I recently came across a company about 2 hours south of my location and they offer tree services to residents in and around their local area. Instead of sitting and writing a post on why I think video and photography are crucial to a businesse’s online presence, I thought I’d have the head marketing manager of the company write a small blurb for you all to check out right here:

Company: Modesto Tree Services

Marketing Manager: Brad Dazed

Topic: How High Quality Photography & Video Positively Affects A Local Business

Hey all, my name is Brad and I am the marketing director for Modesto Tree Services. We provide some of the best tree service modesto ca has to offer around the area and pride ourselves on incorporating top notch photography and video into our website, marketing and overall outreach to local customers.

So, you may be wondering exactly why we place so much emphasis on great photography and video; the truth is, it’s all about how our potential customers feel when they see one of our marketing pieces around the internet and all over town. Believe it or not, a great piece of photography can take your overall brand and put it into a league of its’ own, especially if all your local competitors are not hyper focused on these small details. Not only will a high quality image (or video for that matter) set you apart, but it’ll actually bring you in higher end clients. Ya’ see, clients who are willing to spend more money want to go with companies who are looking at the small details and realize that their appearance and branding is what matters most.

Since we’ve started utilizing higher end videos and images into our brand, we’ve seen an increase of almost 175% in the size of jobs we have been booking and we’ve been told by our customers over and over again when on the phone that they appreciated our very high quality images and videos, which is what attracted them to pick up the phone and give us a call over a competitor in the first place.

Whether you want to believe it or not, multimedia in your company is absolutely critical and so overlooked by 95% of the local businesses out there. We highly recommend that you invest in a great photographer and videographer to capture “real”, high quality content for you. Another quick tip we’ll give is one shared by Gary Vee where he mentions time and time again to “Document; don’t create!” This means for you, as a local business, to really invest in somebody who can follow you along your journey as much as possible and give your potential customers a look “behind the scenes” of exactly what you do. Make them feel like they are connected to you, your business and team in a way that nobody else would ever think to do. By doing this, you just may find that you’ll be getting the majority of calls in your local area for your services!



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